Pesticide Research Journal

Since 1989, the Society has regularly published ‘Pesticide Research Journal’ (ISSN 0970-6763; online ISSN 2249-524X) which is entering the 25th year of its publication in 2014. It may be seen online at: It is registered with Registrar of Newspaper of India vide registration number 50749/89.

Editorial Board
Chief Editor: Dr. Balraj S. Parmar (IARI, New Delhi)  
Editors: Dr. Irani Mukherjee (IARI, New Delhi)  
  Dr. Neera Singh (IARI, New Delhi)  
Members Dr. R.K. Muri Baskaran (TNAU, Madurai)  
  Dr. C. Devakumar (Formerly IARI, New Delhi)  
  Dr. A. Battacharya (BCKV, W.B.)  
  Dr. P.K. Patanjali (IPFT, Gurgaon)  
  Dr. Shaahi Bala Singh (Ex-officio)  

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Year 2016 Volume-28, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2015 Volume-27, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2015 Volume-27, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2014 Volume-26, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2014 Volume-26, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2013 Volume-25, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2013 Volume-25, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2012 Volume-24, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2012 Volume-24, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2011 Volume-23, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2011 Volume-23, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2010 Volume-22, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2010 Volume-22, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2009 Volume-21, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2009 Volume-21, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2008 Volume-20, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2008 Volume-20, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2007 Volume-19, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2007 Volume-19, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2006 Volume-18, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2006 Volume-18, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2005 Volume-17, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2005 Volume-17, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2004 Volume-16, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2004 Volume-16, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2003 Volume-15, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2003 Volume-15, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2002 Volume-14, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2002 Volume-14, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2001 Volume-13, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2001 Volume-13, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 2000 Volume-12, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 2000 Volume-12, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1999 Volume-11, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1999 Volume-11, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1998 Volume-10, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1998 Volume-10, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1997 Volume-09, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1997 Volume-09, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1996 Volume-08, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1996 Volume-08, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1995 Volume-07, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1995 Volume-07, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1994 Volume-06, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1994 Volume-06, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1993 Volume-05, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1993 Volume-05, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1992 Volume-04, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1992 Volume-04, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1991 Volume-03, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1991 Volume-03, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1990 Volume-02, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1990 Volume-02, Issue-1 (June)  
Year 1989 Volume-01, Issue-2 (December)  
Year 1989 Volume-01, Issue-1 (June)